Books: Interspecies Relationships
The Companion Species Manifesto : Dogs, People, and Significant Otherness
Donna J. Haraway
Related animals: Dog, Human

A nice little book about the relationship between humans and dogs, or with companion species in general. Haraway, who is most famous for her "cyborg manifesto" continues to break down the culture/nature distinctions.

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Review by carita (04/16/06 18:50:36):
This short manifest explores the companion species relationships between humans and other signifcant others, focusing on dogs as the significant other. The introduction is very philosophical, and talks of issues of cyborgs, of which Harraway is most famous, feminism, naturecultures, all in within the context of the signficant other. She continues with the manifesto by telling different stories of dog/human relations, including evolutionary stories, training stories, agility stories, love stories, and breed history stories. The whole manifesto is a good tool for understanding the relationship of dogs and humans existence and evolution together. In the end Harraway quotes Helen Verran's stating "It's about... 'getting on together", dog and human, living as companion species.