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Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home
Rupert Sheldrake
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Presenting research on pets ability to find their way home, knowing things about their owners etc. and trying to explain how it works partially through his idea of morphic fields.

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Review by tash lloyd (06/22/06 11:36:09):
This Book was an excellent source for insight into a dog's "sixth sense." With chapters specializing in several different areas of dog (and even other species') talents, the author utilizes actual stories and scientific evidence to prove his point. And that is merely this- Dogs most definitely have abilities to sense things humans cannot. Whether it be unseen diseases, an owner coming home, or even an upcoming death- there are several accounts of dogs detecting things ahead of time. Also, there are chapters focused on dogs who are trained to help people. Other than the well-known seeing eye dogs, there are dogs who specialize in serving diabetic owners- barking when they detect the human's blood-sugar is dangerously low. This book was fascinating and easy to read. I reccommend it to anyone who has ever owned, or even known a dog who they knew was special.