Fishing with Terns
By Simon Estrada and Bird(s)

Started on: 05/12/09 15:58:50
Medium: Other

Terns are seabirds previously considered a subfamily of the gull family. Terns are long-distant migrants, and the Arctic Tern sees more daylight than any other Tern since it migrates from its northern breeding grounds to Antarctic waters.
Terns are "medium-sized" birds, typically grey or white plumage, often with black markings on the head. They bills are elongated and they have webbed feet. Terns do not usually swi despite their webbed feet. Although they are similar to gulls they are lighter and are more streamlined than gulls.Terns nest together in packed colonies.
Terns dive for fish, usually hovering fish, but he marsh terns pick for insects off the surface of fresh water.

For my Project I wanted to document the act of fishing. I enjoy the aesthetics of a bird diving into the water for food. I wanted to create a device that will float on water and film the act of a tern fishing. I want to document the beauty and art of birds in their natural state while expressing myself through film. My collaboration gives meand he viewr and up-close experience with he Tern.
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Comment by leonachen (05/12/09 22:18:29):
That's sounds like a really good idea, I didn't know we had Terns in SB.