A Day with the Hammies
By Cori Arnold and Pot-Bellied Pig(s)

Started on: 05/11/09 12:30:57
Medium: Visual

I had never heard of the pot-bellied pig rescue until our class. I was extremely excited to take this field trip, since I have always had an infatuation with pigs. I have seen them at farms in their pens and along the side of highways while on road trips, but have never before been given the opportunity to be in their habitats. I was ecstatic about being given the chance to get up close and personal with these non-human animals and the attempt to understand them on a more personal level.

I wanted to take my camera and see what types of images I could come back from the trip with. To my surprise I was lucky enough to truly capture what I feel is these hammies personalities. One pig stuck its tongue out at me, a few others smiled at me, I was fortunate enough to rub ones belly, and even wound up getting bitten by another one! All in all, this was a highly eventful experience. I feel that it is amazing how much you can learn about a non-humans personality just by entering a close proximity to them.

This was wonderful excursion and I am considering going back up to the site in the near future. I plan to take my camera with me on a few more project to see if I am as fortunate as I was at the pig rescue.

Please visit this site to view my project: http://picasaweb.google.com/corine.arnold/LittleOrphanHammies?feat=directlink#slideshow/5333975102359448626
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