encounter with a sea lion
By forrest galante and

Started on: 05/11/09 10:06:25
Medium: Visual

while out at santa cruz island over the weekend i had a wonderfull encounter with a california sea lion (Zalophus californianus). while out diving infront of Prisnors Harbour friday afternoon in a very rich and versitile kelp forest a single young male sealion came swimming up to me and the other two divers (tommy dutra and sinade kennedy). at first he was very weary and kept his ditance only observing us by stiking his head above the surface and looking our way but after 15 miniutes or so of this he realised we were not in the water with any intrest in harming any animals. he slowly and wearily moved in closer and closer untill he no longer was looking at us from above the surface but rather he was keeping his distance underwater and observing. A few miniutes of this went bye then he decided to come rite in and take a look. being alone he was not as brave as when in larger social groups. but he still managed to come in and swim rite by us and under us just observing our movements and actions. with some very slow and smooth body motions we were able to approach the animal without intimidating him. after a few passes and some specatacular views of the animal he decided to go about his buisness and he had lost interest in us.

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