rattlesnake run in
By forrest galante and Snake(s)

Started on: 05/11/09 09:49:47
Medium: Visual

over the weekend i spent time doing what i usally do. I went out looking for snakes. but this weekend i tried a different approach. After only about 5 miniutes of poking around in one of my faviourite spots i came across a BEAUTIFUL old male rattlesnake. he was about 4 1/2 feet long with amazing patterning all down his back. just a georgious vibrant specimen. but instead of finding the snake and approaching him aggresivly in a dominearing sort of way . i just engaged him slowly and sat down next to him at a safe and unthreatning distance. at first he looked at me realizing i was not going to approach him further hejust went back to his very busy scheduel of sunning himself and dozing in and out. after some time i decided to go a little closer. i got to about 3 feet away from him and sat down. now he was slightly more aggitated, he stared at me and i tried to sned him a positive calming type of vibe, (dunno if it worked or not) but he did return to his sunning. after about 30 miniuted of just watching him and trying to sned calming vibes i got up said tahnk you to the animal for letting me watch him and then i left. he looked at me as if to say, its fine but please dont bother me again, and remained coiled up and dozed back off to sleep.

I was alone during this insedent and therefore have no pictures of him and i but here are a few pics of other rattlesnakes i have interacted with:

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