grumpy snapping turtle
By forrest galante and Turtle(s)

Started on: 05/11/09 09:36:11
Medium: Visual

during the late summer in the mid west snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina)tend to leave their bog and marsh homes and travel overland for up to miles in search of a mate. on one late afternoon day in september 2008 my friend and i were driving back from southern illinois when sitting in the middle of the road was a very large (probably 40 lbs) female snapping turtle who was not in a good mood. she was very dry from traveling in the hot sun and had obviously not mated yet. we got out of the car and observed her from a distance. onc she realized we were there she stopped traveling and decided to stay still with her mouth gaping. we spent about and hour with the magnificent creature. she became more used to us and eventually decided to continue on her way, and so we let her, she made it safely across the road and continued on her way as did we. two creatures with a destination in mind who corssed paths for a brief time then continued on our ways in the journey of life.

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