Reverse Fashion
By Natasha Lloyd and Ape(s)

Started on: 04/17/06 16:38:08
Medium: Visual

I was scheduled to meet with chimps this past sunday, but Easter kinda got in the way :/ If possible, I want to make contact soon and my goal is to have the Chimps take the place of the human in a normal encounter. This may take several meetings to develop the trust and comfort I am hoping for. Eventually I will bring several articles of clothing, jewelry, etc. And let him/her choose what it is that he/she preferrs. I will then Dress up as the Chimp wants and and look how the Chimp wants me to look. I may try this several times, photgraphing the process and outcome with the chimp. Sometimes even allowing the chimp to to take the photgrahps (if possible). I think the outcome will be almostl ike a fashion shoot, but through the chimps eye instead of a humans... A very odd and still developing idea but I think it could be uniquely artistic and fun :)

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Project Updates
05/09/06 11:10:23 - More cancellations... :(

Oh man is this becoming complicated! I had an other appointment for Friday that was cancelled late thursday night by the owner of the chimps, Sid. (of course I had already driven to l.a. by then- very aggrivating). Anyway, I have my final decisions for he clothes etc. to bring and my polaroid camera has arrived in the mail (very cool!) so hopefully I will be getting this project underway sooner than later...

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05/30/06 11:35:57 - failure- perhaps a new beginning?

OK, so after last weekends cancellations (a fourth time) I have given up on the chimps. I have had a polaroid, extra film, and costumes in my car for over a month waiting for the call and finally I think theres no time left. I am very dissapointed in the whole thing but I still like the project idea, so maybe I have time to do it with a different species? I was thinking a cat or bird. I could do this in a few hours and have it ready for the show so we'll see...

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06/22/06 12:17:17 - My Cat Paris

It was quite difficult for me to let go of the idea of "Reverse Fashion" even after the class ended. All of the costume pieces I acquired including a sheer black skirt, a printed dress, and several scarves and hats are still in a bag in my closet, begging to be utilized. My cat, Paris has been overlooked throughout this project and she is so beautiful and cooperative. I think she will be a perfect fit for this project. I know I will not be showing it in a gallery, but to create a form of artistic collage with perhaps her paw prints and other painted images could make for a beautiful piece of art for my own home. Im glad I can finally put the idea to use...

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