At the break of dawn
By Luis Alberto Velazquez and Bird(s)

Started on: 06/01/14 22:44:52
Medium: Digital

I have decided to continue the idea of recording birds sounds. As I briefly explained in class a couple weeks ago. I have been recording the sounds of birds that live in my neighborhood early morning at the break of dawn.
The birds usually wake up around 5am, one of them starts beeping first as to wake up the others in the neighborhood. It goes around the block beeping and beeping until all of sudden other sounds start to appear. These sounds belong to finches, crows and other kinds I can not yet recognize. Later, human sounds start to appear, the trash truck is usually the first one, beep, beep beep as the truck backs up.
The lifting creates another sound that resembles that of metal beating against metal, the trash dumpsters is being emptied. That's usually how the morning starts, the first sounds of the break of dawn.
Keeping this thought in mind, during my road trip to the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. I started recording birds along the way. I even recorded chickens and played that recording to another flock of chickens. Now I have the recording of two flocks of chickens.

At this point Im still trying to figure out how I can turn this more into a collaboration and an art piece I can be presented at the gallery. Im thinking of playing the sounds of the birds from my neighborhood back at them through a loudspeaker earlier than their usual wake up time. Im interested in how theyll respond to hearing themselves through the speaker, or if they even wake up to their own sound. Or maybe play the sounds gathered in the Mexican Peninsula and see what happens.
I will try to upload some of the recording I have gathered so far.
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