Bodies as landscape
By Luis Alberto Velazquez and Sea Lion(s)

Started on: 05/19/14 11:38:13
Medium: Digital

I have become very interested in the way in which some animals arrange themselves in space, their bodies become some sort of landscape/cityscape. The idea sparked when photographing human body parts of nude models, focusing on the play of light and the organic shapes within the nude body. (body as landscape)
This similar concept can be applied with animals. For example sealions. When they rest on the shore they gracefully arrange themselves in such a way that resemble a landscape. This abstraction can also be manipulated and controlled by cropping the photograph and playing with light. This idea of the abstraction of this complex arrangement of animal bodies can be pushed farther by transferring the photographs to printmaking medium. Etchings of the edited photographs over plexiglass to be transferred on paper.
I have started visiting the Carpinteria bluffs where the sea lion sanctuary is located and started photographing them from different perspectives.
I will keep researching this same concept with other animals in the baja peninsula as I travel.

Abstracted sea lions bodies

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