Trophic Cascades
By Montana McLeod and Whale(s)

Started on: 05/16/14 15:32:51
Medium: Visual

For my project, I have decided to continue with the idea of recreating the complex food webs that persist in marine environments. However, it is in my intentions to take footage of multiple species and recreate their behaviors through performative art.

I want to include some educational aspect to the performance, so I'm going to include why they are significant to the ecosystem, and their function within the food web and the environment. I hope to be able to include this through the performance.

The idea is to have side by side videos of the animal and the performance that will transition smoothly and quickly to demonstrate the interconnectedness between the species.

This past weekend I went to the aquarium and studied the behaviors of different animals and took footage of them. Hopefully I can comprise a web that can develop on the significance of the trophic cascade. Also, I went whale watching to receive better footage of the whales. But naturally the best footage I received was on the sea lion that was trailing our boat and playing in our wake. With my knowledge on the higher cascade of marine mammals, I intend to show the beauty in these natural systems that preoccupy the marine environment.

Sea Lion relaxing on a solitary boat

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