My Body Feels Funny (full draft)
By Mona Luo and Pupa(s)

Started on: 05/10/14 20:58:27
Medium: Visual

My Body Feels Funny
Growing up can be hard and confusing. Your body feels funny, youíre hungry all the time, you feel urges that youíve never felt before. This book will be your guide to the wonderful and natural process of metamorphosis. Letís follow the journey of Jimmy whoís going through the same thing. Hearing about what Jimmy feels might clear up some of the questions about the funny feelings youíre having too!
Hereís Jimmy now, eating his post-lunch-snack-snack. Jimmy feels hungry all the time and eats a lot, but thatís okay! Heís going to need all that extra energy if heís going to make it through those long months in the chrysalis. Look how big heís gotten! This is what he used to look like before: [insert picture of small, skinny Jimmy]. It seems like heís just about ready to find a safe place to settle down in.
One day youíll get the feeling that youíre finally full enough, and all you want to do is find a place to curl up. But it canít be anywhere! Make sure you find the perfect spot, because youíre going to be there for a long time. Jimmy found a great spot in a desolate alley behind some old rubbish. Now is time to wriggle in and build a cocoon.
Most people think that spit is pretty gross. But the silk you use to spin your cocoon isnít just spit! It will be your home for many months, keeping you warm, dry, and safe. So donít be shy about spinning your cocoon! A lot of people are embarrassed about spitting up that much stuff, but donít hold back or youíll regret it later. Jimmy is spinning his cocoon nice and thick, thatís perfect.
Once youíre nice and cozy in your new home, your body is going to start feeling pretty weird. But donít worry, thatís normal. Your body needs to form a solid exterior too keep your insides from spilling out. You might be thinking, ďWhy would I be worried about my insides spilling out? Iíve never worried about it before,Ē but thatís because youíve never been liquefied by digestive enzymes. If we take a peek into Jimmyís cocoon right now we can see that he looks nothing like he once did. At this point youíre not just a child anymore; youíll be a teenage pupa!
Letís learn a little about whatís going on in your body (or whatís left of it) when youíre in your pupal stage. As weíve mentioned your body will be dissolved, but not all of it! There are some very important groups of cells called ďimaginal disksĒ that will help you regrow into the proper adult shape. Think of these imaginal disk cells as city planners setting up the layout of your future body, and telling other cells what needs to be built. Just like building a city, this process takes a long time. Youíll be a pupa for many years.
Jimmyís been a pupa for 30 years now. Heís starting to get antsy. His body has reorganized itself into the adult humanoid form now, and heís dying to stretch out his new wings. To escape your cocoon youíre going to need to spit up a new chemical to dissolve the silk. Youíll also expel what is called meconium, which is made up of the leftovers of the metamorphosis process. It wonít be pretty, but itís necessary. When you emerge itís easy to be overwhelmed, a lot of things will have changed. Letís check on Jimmy to see all the new features youíll have.
[Picture of humanoid Jimmy with arrows pointing to new parts]
enhanced vision: your eyes will be able to see thing clearer and in a wider spectrum. Ultraviolet light will now be visible to you.
extra appendages: youíll have many more fingers with many more joints. These new fingers will be very sensitive to touch.
Segmentation: your body will become compartmentalized.
Wings: it might seem incredible now, but youíll pick up this new form of movement with ease. Plus, theyíre very pretty.
Exoskeleton: your body will be covered in a tough shell, kind of similar to your pupal casing.
Mouth and digestive tract: you wonít have these anymore.
Now letís get to the birds and the bees, because in the end thatís what this whole process is really about. Jimmy is a boy, so he has emerged first. In a few days the girls will emerge and begin emitting pheromones to draw males to them. Even from miles away. Donít be reserved when you finally find a mate. But as we can see, Jimmy couldnít fight the power of love even if he wanted to. You might have noticed that your new bodies have no mouth of digestive tracts. Thatís because youíll die in a few days after emerging as an adult. But thatís okay!!! The boys will mate with as many girls as possible, and the girls with then lay many eggs. After the babies hatch, they will go through the same wonderful process metamorphosis that you are going through now!

I would love feedback on how I could make the story better. As well as a better name for the adult form of a human. caterpillar:human::butterfly:????
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