prospective projects
By Montana McLeod and Dog(s)

Started on: 05/05/14 12:48:52
Medium: Visual

I am currently contemplating multiple projects right now. Nut here, I will develop on some of my ideas.

1. Cooper's Path
I had the idea of incorporating my dog from back home in some of my work. The plan is to record the path he takes under different circumstances. I will paint his paws a different color for each different action. That way we can observe the paths he chooses to take under different circumstances.
Some ideas for situational reactions:
- calling him from the other side
- his reaction to when a family member is coming home
- letting him roam without giving him any motivation to act a certain way
- throw his toy in the air
- placing a treat under the paper

There are many different course of actions that I could insinuate, but these are the ones that I believe have the most potential.

I hope to record his reactions and see how my interactions with him can impact his responses. I think this can reflect how as his owner, my energy has the potential to change the course of his actions.

2. The Food Web
I want to facilitate a better understanding of the vast marine relationships that shape the course of the ecosystem functions. These interspecific relationships are often not fully appreciated. The idea is to start with a charismatic megafauna and resort back to the minuscule organisms that are essential for their development. I intend to film different marine animals and explain their function in relation to the megafauna population. The idea is to open with a large image of the whale and then cut to the small organisms that the whales depend on, however, a new organism will be introduced with each developing relationship that is a necessary part of the marine ecology. The animals will grow in size and the image itself will grow in size. Or maybe, I will have the image size opposite of the organism's respective size to accentuate that an organism's significance is much more than its size and allure.
Organisms to focus on:
- gray whales
- barnacles
- limpets
- chiton
- mussels
- phytoplankton
- cyanobacteria
- sea anemones
- sea stars
- red algae
- snails
- jellyfish
- pelicans
- sea urchins
- sea otters
- kelp
- sharks
- seat turtles
- dolphins
- sea lions

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