By Patrick Gilbert and Anemone(s)

Started on: 05/04/14 21:27:20
Medium: Visual

By mapping the cloned groups of anemones that flourish on coastal rocks, I'm hoping to visualize the separate groups that divide themselves with a stark line between non-familiar clones. The anemones split down the middle and become two organisms, and those two continue to split, etc... So, when a group of anemones is seen on a single rock, they are one clone group, keeping themselves separate from other groups.

By photographing all sides of these groups, I will flatten and map the Rorschach-like patterns that they form in order to give a better understanding of what this essentially singular (although made from many), looks like on its own - bringing together all the cloned organisms into one body or form, and compare the patterns of other groups- perhaps on cards to mimic the Rorschach forms I'm expecting they will result in.

Rorschach image

Cloned aggregating anemones, with shell debris covering their soft, sticky bodies

Rival factions of anemones split down the middle, not touching in order to prevent clone attacks

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Project Updates
05/05/14 09:08:20 - Link to info about aggregating anemones

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