"My Body Feels Funny" Sample
By Mona Luo and

Started on: 05/04/14 18:52:42
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Here's a sample of how the book will be written about the metamorphosis process:

Growing up can be hard and confusing. Your body feels funny, youíre hungry all the time, you feel urges that youíve never felt before. This book will be your guide to the wonderful and natural process of metamorphosis. Letís follow the journey of Jimmy whoís going through the same thing. By hearing about what Jimmy feels, it might clear up some of the questions about the funny feelings youíre having too!

Hereís Jimmy now, eating his post-lunch-snack-snack. Jimmy feels hungry all the time and eats a lot, but thatís okay! Heís going to need all that extra energy if heís going to make it through those long months in the chrysalis. Look how big heís gotten! This is what he used to look like before: [insert picture of small, skinny Jimmy]. It seems like heís just about ready to find a safe place to settle down in.

One day you get the feeling that youíre finally full enough, and all you want to do is find a place to curl up. But it canít be anywhere! Make sure you find the perfect spot, because youíre going to be there for a long time. Jimmy found a great spot in a desolate alley behind some old rubbish. Now is time to wriggle in and build a cocoon.

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