Project Proposal Summary
By Mona Luo, Pupa(s), Beetle(s), Grasshopper(s) and Ladybug(s)

Started on: 05/04/14 18:50:48
Medium: Visual

I have been thinking about two complementary projects:

1. Picture book: My Body Feels Funny an illustrated guide through human metamorphosis
2. Insect Restaurant
The picture book will document what a metamorphosis process might be like in humans, framed in the manner of a picture book explaining puberty. The book will cover enhanced metabolism, spinning the cocoon, forming the chrysalis, radical reorganization of body structures, emergence, and finding a mate. The final organism will have:
-enhanced vision
-extra appendages with greater articulation (very long very sensitive fingers)
-new body plan (segmentation)
-genitalia and sex drive
-impending death

The second plan was to create a diorama of a restaurant to allow insects to run amok in and generally disregard. It was meant to highlight how little significance our human customs have to insects, and how absurd they seem outside of the human context. However, I’m beginning to wonder if this seems cruel and unusual. I would collect the insects a day or two in advance to make sure I had a sufficient number and then release them immediately after the show. I would also try to include grasses and leaves in the environment and little “salads” on the plates.

In the event that this seems unsuitable I think I would be interesting to design a building for grasshoppers. How would chairs look to suit their anatomy? How would scaling work when they can jump 27 times their body length? I also think it would be interesting to compare the final structure and furniture to instances of anthropomorphized insects in books and movies. For instance, Bug’s Life or the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper.

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Pupy doing a little dance.

Grasshopper I caught, photographed and released.

Watermelon Beetle, or Ten-Lined June Beetle that I found and caught in Rob Gym. I've been feeding it pears and it seems pretty lively. It makes a squeaking noise when threatened and flies around quite a bit.

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