me and shera 3
By Clare Little and

Started on: 05/04/14 10:27:00
Medium: Visual

As I spent more time at the dog park it became something I could not imagine not doing. I was a puppy party. not only did you get to watch your own dog run and play but you got to meet and play with many other lovely dogs. I found that when I would leave the park I would feel very proud not only of myself but of how constantly well Shera would do with all the other dogs. People where always shocked when they found out I had not trained her since she was a puppy but actually had only had her about a year, she was a real ambassador for her breed, I felt so lucky to have her in my life. I was also starting to get to know some of the regulars at the park. At first I just got to know all the dogs names then gradually I learned the peoples names that went with the dog. I found myself getting very excited in conversations with other people at the park "Ow! you know that dog, me too". I felt like I had tapped into a world where people were secondary to dogs. You would get to know the dog and then its human companion. The people belonged to the dogs and not the other way around. "Ow! Your Shera's person"

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