me and shera 2
By Clare Little and Dog(s)

Started on: 05/04/14 10:06:48
Medium: Performance

As I began to notice how much Shera enjoyed the company of other dogs I felt more and more guilty about my anxiety. My concern about what may or may not happen was keeping Shera from doing something she so enjoyed (playing with other dogs). I found a beautiful park Tuckers Grove and began taking Shera there for walks. The San Antonio creek runs through the park and provides lovely shaded trails. The first time I took Shera with the full intention of playing with the other dogs but as I got closer my anxiety grew and I could not go into the fenced in dog area. So we took a hike instead just the two of us. I felt so guilty. The next time I went I parked at the top of the mountain and hiked down(it took about half an hour) this was to try and get out some physical anxiety before the park(mine not hers). When we finally got to the park I was still a little nervous but I took a deep breath and reminded myself why I was there. We went in and everything was okay! I was still a little jumpy when-ever a dog would snap or growl, which are normal things that dogs need to do to establish boundaries, so I had to really push myself to stay for even a half hour.

me an Shera on San Antonio Creek trail

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