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By Clare Little and Dog(s)

Started on: 05/04/14 09:43:35
Medium: Performance

I have spent a lot of time with my dog Shera. I have researched and implanted products and training philosophies like an expectant mother. When my last dog Lady died I was deeply affected and could not resist the urge to bring in another companion. I searched rescue group listings like I was searching online dating profiles. I obsessed about it for a month and met a few dogs, none of which seemed "right". After a particularly bad meeting with a dog in LA, I decided to swing by the pound. I saw many darling dog there but Shera (chiquita at the time) stood out. She was in a pin with another dog (slimier). While her room mate (and every other dog in the place) bounced of the walls, barking and jumping on the fence, Shera sat patiently and made direct eye contact. I went into the office and asked for the advice of the volunteers. I told them I was looking for an older dog that was good with other dogs and maybe cats and kids too. I told them I did not care much about breed but that I had had a pitbull and was experienced with the breed. Shera was the first dog they brought out to play with me in the yard and that was it I was not leaving with out her. I wonder if I would have felt the same about any dog they brought out first. Then the research began. I hand fed Shera for the first 3 months! Feeding time took forever. I brushed her teeth once a week. I took her everywhere to help her be calm in any situation. I went to the complimentary dog lessons on saturday mornings. I was so impressed with her temperament I researched dog therapy certification. I bought Shera a doggie back pack so she could carrie her own water on our hikes and countless other un necessary accessories. She was incredible from day one she never once peeped or pooped in the house, she always came when she was called she hardly ever pulled the leash on walks. Still I was nervous with her around other dogs but she loved to greet other dogs and never gave me any reason to worry. This is where my research for this class will begin.... The Dog Park! It is free and easy and made the biggest difference in our lives.

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