By Madison Wanamaker and Rat(s)

Started on: 06/08/13 00:31:31
Medium: Visual

As as I mentioned in pervious posts, I have a pet rat named Pickles. She is very loving and enjoys constant attention, and constant treat-giving. In fact, it is a joke in the house that pickles is a little bit of a glutton. Every time someone walks in to the room with a bag that crinkles, or a crunchy food, or something that smells good Pickles is awake- standing on the top floor of her house looking desperately. Usually the food she wants is not good for her so she does not get any, which just causes her to stare at you more, making you feel bad. I got access to photoshop recently and was trying to think of something easy to make and decided to make a meme. The meme below, "WAIT YOU DIDNT GET ME ANY" is a commentary on pickles' attitude toward me not sharing my food.
The second meme is of the terribly photogenic and much-talked-about Cheeseburger. Cheese Burger is a possibly homeless/possibly hustler cat who spends most her day at our house. She is very soft and sweet but most importantly, she sleeps on chairs in the middle of the kitchen where all the action is, and sleeps on her back and in the most amazing positions! Cheeseburger has become the unofficial mascot of the co-op I live in Dashain, therefore I made this meme the "DASHAIN" meme.
I thought it was nice to get to know photoshop doing this fun project, and would like do more memes that portray what I believe certain animals are thinking!

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