Final Exhibition: I Like Turtles Reflection
By Erik Shalat and Bird(s)

Started on: 06/06/13 02:15:13
Medium: Visual

The end of the year show, “I Like Turtles” was a smashing success! The turn-out was surprisingly big, and the set up and take down were quick and painless. I even made quesadillas and they were gone within the first hour. My project and one other were placed in a room next to the main gallery which wasn’t well advertised and didn’t get much traffic but in a way that was relieving in a way because the people that came to see my film were a selection of my friends and people I could have one on one conversations with them. I think people responded well to the image of the bird. Everyone likes a talking animal.
I figured out how to use a projector in the process of setting up the video, and it was surprisingly uncomplicated. Upon seeing it on the wall of the room, I realized that some of the frames overlaid with text pass by too quickly for people to read them accurately. I wish I had more footage to use; it all came from texts sent by my father over the past two years. When I told my dad what the project was going to be we had planned to record more videos of what my bird, Toby, was doing while I was away at college. Unfortunately for the past few weeks my dad and my mom have been away on vacation and left the bird with my grandfather who wouldn’t be able to record anything with it. Still, despite the problems I still enjoy how the video came out and in particular the musical accompaniment that went with it. The other project in the room was also a video, this one of a starfish-filled tide pool being shown against a rock rather than the wall of the room. That was probably my favorite project in the exhibit, I love the way it came out. Two of my friends went out of their way to see the exhibit and get some dinner and they thoroughly enjoyed it. I think one of the best projects to them was the giant turtle shell that you could enter. It had a certain level of audience interaction and intimacy that was really different from everything else and they took to it really well.
I am really proud of how my poster came out for the show. Unbeknownst to me the monochromatic tones I chose really meshed well with the brick outer wall of the building. I think I should have made another one for the second room wherein the video projects were being displayed but hindsight is 20/20.
Overall I am really happy with the outcome of the exhibition and I think this was a great way to cap off the end of the year and my final year in particular at UCSB. This quarter has been a pretty heavily animal oriented one which was just something of a serendipitous coincidence but hey, maybe thats a sign. I certainly feel closer to animals now.

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