Chicken Collaboration Part 3
By Natalie Croak and

Started on: 06/05/13 22:35:57
Medium: Visual

After the egg fiasco I've decided to display the scratch project instead. To make this piece I took rainbow and silver glitter scratchboard and duct taped it to half of a wooden door that I found in my backyard. The chickens avoided it at first as they did with my experimental scratchboard but I asked our chicken manager to put their food on it each morning so they would get used to walking on top of it.
After three days I went back outside to check on their progress. It looked pretty scratched up so I took it out of the coop. All of the scratchboards were covered in dirt and sawdust and were warped from the morning fog so I cleaned them off with Lysol and pressed them in a book for a day. All of the scratchboards turned out really well and it turns out that chicken poop can eat through the black layer of the scratchboard so they were left with rainbow/glitter blobs. It kind of looks like pictures of outer space.
I decided to collaborate with the chickens and create artwork like they do. I took a couple of small canvases the same size as the scratchboards and painted on a rainbow or glitter base layer. Then I covered it up with black paint and scratched into it with my fingernails while it was still wet to make a similar effect that the chickens made. In order to make a focal point of the piece I took a gold leafing pen and traced the outline of my scratches when it dried to make one of them a little different than the others. I'm planning on displaying the scratchboards and canvases mixed together so you can't really tell what was made by a human and what was made by a chicken.

Abe was the first chicken to check out the scratchboard

The scratchboards before they went in the coop

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