Chicken Collaboration Continued
By Natalie Croak and

Started on: 06/05/13 22:22:28
Medium: Visual

While I was in the Bay Area I took a trip to a warehouse called Urban Ore that sells scrap industrial supplies. I picked up some tongue-and-groove wooden planks to be the base of my egg project along with some gold wooden strips to fit along the sides. However when I got home to Isla Vista I discovered that my housemate had eaten all of the eggs that I had been collecting for my project! I had blown out about 10 eggshells for this piece but had left 15 whole eggs in my fridge to blow out later because it's a pretty time consuming process. I had planned to have 20-30 of my chickens' eggs surrounded by tons of blown out white store-bought eggs but since the exhibit is so close I know the chickens won't be able to lay enough to replace what was eaten. Instead of modifying this project I have decided to go ahead and display the scratch art that I have been working on.
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