Chicken Collaboration
By Natalie Croak and Chicken(s)

Started on: 06/05/13 22:13:29
Medium: Visual

I've been brainstorming a couple of project ideas that I would like to do with my chickens. The first project that I had in mind is one involving preserving the scratches and pecking that the chickens do in visual form. I bought a small sheet of children's scratch board that starts out as black and becomes rainbow when brushed against something to test out this process. I attached it to a piece of cardboard for stability and then put it inside the chicken coop. They seemed to avoid it at first so I tried to encourage them to walk across it by semi-burying it in the sawdust and throwing bits of tomato on top of it. After a while they got used to the idea of walking on cardboard so I left them alone and decided to come back for the scratch board after a couple of days. However the next day I went outside and the scratch board had completely disappeared. I took a broom and tried to move around the 6 inches of sawdust on the bottom of their coop to try to find it but all that I found was the cardboard. If I am going to do this project on a larger scale I will have to find something bigger and more stable to attach the scratchboard to.
Another idea that I had was to create an artwork based around the chicken's eggshells. All of our chickens lay different types of eggs and I want to do an artwork that compares the beauty and variety of my chicken eggs to the homogenous white eggs found at the grocery store. Often food is thrown out before it reaches the store just because it looks a little different and produce sellers are afraid that this will prevent anyone from buying it. I want to make a piece that shows that the eggs' imperfections are what makes it unique and in no way decreases their deliciousness.
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