Poetry: Not For Human Consumption
By Tessa Tapscott and Frog(s)

Started on: 05/28/13 23:59:09
Medium: Digital

While at the Channel Islands I began attempting to write some poetry about singing birds, but then I began trying to linguistically articulate the sounds of the birdcalls themselves. This experimentation resulted in the last project I posted. Something about trying to translate their songs into written language seemed like I was taking away from the nature of the song; bird songs are meant to be heard. As, I think, are most animal noises, their purpose is to alert or convey pertinent information, but human communication does not necessarily need to be audible, thus the necessity for writing. I felt it would make more sense to make audible poetry from the noises of the actually animals, so I tried to record several animals to see if I could use their own language to create a new noise that could become a shared audio experience.
I recently took the audio files that I recorded of the various frogs around the lagoon and listened to them closely. I tried to separate different sounds in to phrases or even words of some kind, but not words that would be used in the same way a human might use words. Rather than using the individual sounds to create a singular sentence I chose to repeat noises more in the manner an animal would in order to get their point across. I broke up my recordings, regrouped and organized the noises with varying frequency and volume. In this way I tried to create a poem of kinds with their noises. I hope to make several more with some of my other recordings as well.

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Frog Poem

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