Pepe le cute
By Madison Wanamaker and Skunk(s)

Started on: 05/28/13 18:40:33
Medium: Visual

This weekend I had the pleasure of interacting with a skunk in broad daylight. I was gardening and I though one of the resident cats was under the neighbors deck when I realized it was a skunk. At first I was worried it would spray me if I moved of scared it, but it walked toward me with out fear! It was so cute and cat like! I let it take some of the compost from the garden and go back to the shade. We played a little peek-a-boo with each other as he watched me from the shadows. It it surprising to see a skunk in the middle of the day, and even more surprising for them to seem like they want to play!
I did some research on skunks and I found some interesting things, first and most frightening, a skunks spray can travel 10 feet. As in- no one is safe... Secondly, skunks are nocturnal so I am concerned that it was outside in the middle of the day? Also skunks have 2-10 babies every May which means there may be very young skunks that the one I meet may be providing for. Which could explain why the skunk would risk going out in the day for some prime vegetarian compost.
Either way, this skunk was friendly and terribly cute, and I have included 2 pictures of my new skunk friend, and one picture of really adorable baby skunks I found on the internet!

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