A Mediation of Meditation
By Natasha Lloyd and Dog(s)

Started on: 05/02/06 11:15:14
Medium: Conceptual

This project consists of myself and my dog, chi chi rodriguez. He is a long haired chihuahua who is fairly mellow, but sometimes can get extremely stressed out because of my other dog, phoebe (who is not as well behaved and snaps at him/bites him, often causing fights). For this project I will begin meditating with chi-chi and allow him to sit next to me with no distractions during the process. I may change the sounds and scents of the room depending on what he responds to. Hopefully, he will eventually be able to actually sit with me and meditate, whether or not he is taken to another realm, or whether or not he clears his mind completely is impossible to know- but sensing his relaxation will be possible, and maybe one day he will be able to do it on his own- relieving his stress even when Im not around!
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Project Updates
05/09/06 11:32:20 - First meeting a success!

I set up a situation in which the dog could choose what material he liked the most to lay on and be comfortable with... he chose the silk. I actualy removed and replaced the materials several times to make sure it wsnt just a chance decision. I then gave him smells to choose from and he enjoyed the incense more than any candle. I also tried to find what fabrics were comfortable and relaxing to me, however the scent was not much of a choice barrier, as I like all of them:) In the end we got a lot of cool pictures and even some video that I'll be trying to put up here soon. I am def. going back and doing this again this upcoming weekend and hopefully get more pics/ video and information. Also this time, I dont have to worry about the setup as much, as we can get right into the meditation!

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05/30/06 11:33:42 - a few more meetings, and I think he's got it

I have met with Chi-Chi Rodriguez two more times and each time he has perferred the same scents and materials. It is also taking him far less time to relax with me. This project is going very well, especially since my home is being renovated and with all the commotion, I think both the dog and myself needed the relaxation. Amazingly, this up-tight dog hasnt been barking at the workers in our home. I wonder if it has anything to do with his 20 minute meditations? :)

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06/22/06 12:01:15 - Preparing for the final

I dont think Chi-Chi Rodriguez was truly prepared for the final project on the fourteenth. Having practiced with short meditation sessions lasting no longer than 20-25 minutes gave him to the oppurtunity to be in a calm surrounding for enough time to slow his breathing, lay his head down, and completely relax without becoming restless. However, the day of the final was a new experience entirely! Having already moved out of my apartment for the summer, I stayed in a downtown santa barbara hotel with Chi-Chi Rodriguez for the day of the show and that night. The 1 1/2 drive to Santa Barbara seemed to tire him out and the 2 hour wait at the hotel before the final project wiped him out even further. By the time we arrived, I think the last thing he wanted to do was sit for 3 more hours. But he did a great job! Even with visitors and and a cat in the room, he never became difficult, and in the end he allowed for the viewers to see him ALMOST in his most relaxed state. Needless to say, I was very proud. :)

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06/22/06 12:09:42 - A Final Update

Now that I have been home with Chi-Chi Rodriguez for two weeks, it is much easier for me to find time to meditate with him for 20 minutes. Although my work schedule has been demanding, I have manged 4 meditations since I have been home. I know the time is beneficial to me, especially now with such a stressful work schedule- but of course it is impossible to tell what it is doing for him. I can say that on two occassions I have found him under my desk in my room laying there, fully awake. This is interesting for two reasons- 1. He very rarely goes into my room for ANYTHING, he is always either in my Father's Office or my Parent's bed. and 2- If he's laying down, he is usually asleep. This is very positive for me, because it makes me think he is either trying to meditate on his own, or perhaps he is waiting for me to come into the room so we can begin meditating. (He cannot get onto my bed by himself because he is too small.) :) All in all I would have to say it has been quite an interesting journey, and one that I may try with more animals- perhaps next up should be the "stressor" Phoebe Binks?

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