By Madison Wanamaker and Fox(s)

Started on: 05/13/13 12:20:41
Medium: Visual

During our research field trip to Santa Cruz Island I captured many photographs of the beautiful scenery. I was lucky enough to see the several of the very cute and very unique Island Foxes which live exclusively on the Channel Islands. In fact each Island has a unique subspecies of the fox, of which I meet Urocyon littoralis santacruzae of Santa Cruz Island. I hoped to continue my portrait collaboration project, which I had begun with the Pot Bellied Pigs at "Little Orphan Hammies" Pig Orphanage. I attempted to capture an Island Fox, or any other brave local, looking directly at me, possibly just acknowledging me, in a way that felt like a collaboration. I choose these three, surprising, somewhat blurry photos because I felt the fox was as interested in me as I was it, and that I was not just taking his or her picture, but that we were both creating a portrait.

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