Animal Communication Response
By Madison Wanamaker, Cat(s) and Cricket(s)

Started on: 04/15/13 10:57:44
Medium: Digital

After Barbara Janell's workshop on animal/human communication I explored my neighborhood looking for animals with whom I could test my new skills. I decided to look for a being who wanted to talk, someone who would start the conversation. I was listening to birds all weekend but I could tell they were not talking to me, I even walked up to a fat cat on the street who lazily got up and walked away as if to say, "Im not in the mood". Finally while at a friends house I heard the most beautiful sound and it felt like an obvious answer to my call. Crickets were chirping in the grass outside the window. I went out there with some tea and a cigarette and just sat perfectly still for 20 or 30 minutes. At first I was skeptical, It felt like the crickets only had one word and were shouting it over and over again. Then after several minutes, as the sun was sinking they became louder and more numerous, soon it was obvious there were speaking with each other, and I was just lucky enough to listen in. If I had to guess what they were saying it would be something like singing. They could not see one another because the grass was tall and they were spread out, but they answered each other quickly when one called. It reminded me of being on a hike at night, when you stray too far from your friends and you sing out a bird call or a whistle or something so they know where you are.
When I went home that night I was greeted by our house cat CheeseBurger and tried some communication on her. She is usually half asleep on the couch so I sat down and started trying to put myself in her position, to figure out what she was thinking about. One realization I made was that animals with eye brows are so much easier to thrust emotion onto. It is so easy to see anger in an animal who furrows there brows, and pleasure in an animal who raises them. Maybe this explains why people love cats and dogs, but eat cows, fish and pigs? I think CheeseBurger is a happy being, I know she must feel comfortable with us because she falls asleep on laps and on the floor. I do get the feeling that she had been violated in some way in Isla Vista however. She dislikes it outside, running from shelter to shelter, hurrying back to the safety of the house at the slightest inkling of trouble. She looks thankful to have been taken in by us, I think her face changes when she comes home, she smiles a little bit.


CheeseBurger enjoying life.

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