Final Piece
By Martin C. Shaver and Raccoon(s)

Started on: 06/13/10 18:35:58
Medium: Visual

My most successful encounter with my raccoon friends happened unexpectedly in the middle of the night one weekend. I was in the back yard in the gazebo of which my housemate sleeps hanging out with him, and then we see a big raccoon walk up sniffing at the ground for what i assume would be a trail for food. we sat inside looking through the door at him just watching and seeing what he would do. the raccoon didn't seem to give us much attention and started walking up the ladder up to the top of the gazebo. my friend and i went outside to look up there and as we did the raccoon looked down at us. he just stared at me for a while. i started talking to it, but then stopped and just stared at it as it looked into my eyes. it was strange, because i just stared for a few minutes and it looked right back at me without moving. he didn't seemed threatened at all, but it seemed like he was really thinking and trying to figure me out. the memory i have from that night is looking right up into its eyes with the night sky and stars above it's head in the background.

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