skunks in the yard
By Martin C. Shaver and Skunk(s)

Started on: 06/13/10 16:12:01
Medium: Visual

the other day whilst i sat in my living room watching TV my roommate was going back and forth between her room outside in the back and the main house. she didn't want to head back outside because there was a skunk hanging out beneath the gazebo poking its head in and out, scared because it could see that my roommate was looking at it. one of my other roommates said that he'd get it to leave by tossing pebbles it's way, but i urged him not to. instead i said to just wait for them to get along their way because they'd be gone shortly. i realized that this would be a great time for collaboration so i started to talk to the skunk. at this point i saw that there were two other skunks; three total. one was walking around back of the gazebo and two were underneath it. while i talked to the skunks, i said hi, asked them how they were doing and what they were doing. they actually didn't seem to threatened by our presence much anymore. my roommates laughed a little but they then started to speak to the skunks too. i told them, they don't wanna harm us they're just looking for food and that they're cute. we talked for a second how people sometimes take them in as pets. i managed to get them to say a few things to the skunks. the skunks came out from underneath of the gazebo and walked away and out of the yard, but it seemed as though they were much more comfortable with us being there and i feel they got the sense that we were of no harm to them. i thought of this as a very successful interaction because of the collaboration of the three of us roommates and the three skunks.
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