creating the final piece
By Martin C. Shaver and

Started on: 06/13/10 14:22:33
Medium: Visual

i have come up with a few ideas how to create a final piece for the show and what i think would be most successful is a painting of my memory of an encounter on material that is reminiscent of my raccoon visitors. they seem to enjoy rummaging through the trash and random objects strewn about the yard so what i would like to do is go somehow along that route and thought. there is a big particle wood board on the side of my yard that i tend to see either skunks or raccoons by, so i wanted to, instead of painting on canvas, take a chunk of that wood and paint directly onto it. although i haven't been able to capture very successful moments through my camera phone, i felt the project would better go the direction of a painting than pictures. the memory of what i saw during an encounter would best convey to the viewer what i experienced. and perhaps give them a sense of what is like to look into the eyes of a raccoon and sense its sense of understanding.

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