Raccoons or bears?
By Martin C. Shaver and

Started on: 06/13/10 14:13:23
Medium: Visual

I've done some research on raccoons to learn and understand more about them in our encounters around my humble abode as visitors. what i found out is that there really is not very much information on the origins of raccoons and that what is believed is almost just speculation. it is believed that raccoons share ancestry with bears. they were first called long-tailed bears, but now washer bears. they were known originally by their very dexterous hands and the black stripe across their eyes. additionally, raccoons have been found to be a very intelligent animal. studies have shown that they could remember specific problem solving activities for up to three years. I found all of this to be very interesting and could certainly recognize all of this history within the movement and activities of the raccoons that i have come across. i normally see them rummaging through our trash cans, pulling the lids off and bags apart with their hands. i refer to them as hands because they can use them amazingly well; close to what a human child would. it is even apparent in how they mull around as well. in the times that i've actually been able to look at a raccoon directly with it looking back as well, you can see that there is definitely a level of intelligence and a feeling comes to you that the raccoon is trying to read you as much as you are it. they have a certain sense of understanding and you can see it when they look back into your eyes

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