By nikki leone and Beehive(s)

Started on: 06/11/10 11:37:49
Medium: Visual

I've found two beehives. One is close to my house and located at the park which napoleon (my frenchie) and I frequent almost everyday. The hum and vibrations that accumulate from inside the tree are amazing and not at all threatening.
The second one is located near our graduate studios, but they seem to be a bit more "disgruntled?" They investigate me more than the ones at the park.

I walk right up to the opening of the park one and can actually put my face right into the slit and lay my ear against the trunk and they don't seem to mind me at all. But, the studio bees seem to hover around my face and body and "inquire" about me more frequently. Some on occasion will land on me, but would eventually leave after finding that I'm not a threat.

I would visit ever so often and hum along or absorb their chatter by sitting and listening. They have helped me curve my anxiety of being surrounded by bees, where I used to somewhat freak out when the lone bee would hover around my face during a picnic or something. Now, I find them to be more like visitors in my space rather than intruders.

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