The Dolphin Dance
By Cara Moore and Dolphin(s)

Started on: 04/14/06 10:14:13
Medium: Dance

There has been a project formulating in my head. The exact details of how it will be carried out have not been exactly determined, but I have several ideas of what I will do. I would like to work with the dolphins off of the Goleta coastline. I will eithe swim out to them or use a kayak or a catamaran to go out to meet them. I am going to order an underwater camera to take out in the ocean to document the art piece. I may try to rig up some sort of underwater speaker system to try to attract the dolphin's curiosity. I could play dolphin songs, or I could play some of the music I like. I will probably bring toys out there to interact with the dolphins, and some sort of shiny object to help catch their curiousity. My hope is to get into the water and interact with the dolphins. Im not sure if I can pull the whole thing off but knowing how curious dolphins are and how often I have seen them off the coastline, I think that I have a pretty good shot.
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Project Updates
04/25/06 17:58:34 - Current Progress

I ordered a waterproof camera and it was shipped out on 4/24, so it should be here soon. I have teamed up with Brandi and we have talked about some different ideas. We are also researching about dolphins to have a better idea of how to get the dolphins curious. If we can't play music underwater, we are thinking of ideas to make noise underwater, like banging things together. Soon we will go out into the field and attempt to contact the dolphins.

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Comment by Brose (04/27/06 15:43:14):
After researching more about dolphins, how they intereact with each other and humans, I have found the following things:

visual and echolocation senses are highly integrated, each directly yields object-based perceptions that easily translate across these senses.

higly auditory

capable of extensive vocal and behavioral mimicry

demonstrate motor imitation of other dolphins or of humans

in one of Nollman's collaborations with wild dolphins he observed that the dolphins were more inclined to be curious about him and stay around longer if he and his wife did not jump into the water with them or follow them, after ceasing aggressive motorized beahavior and being intrusive.
He also found that if he went to the same cove daily and established contact with dolphins, they would start to show up in that same place, sometimes before he arrived by boat.

05/02/06 16:39:56 - Planning...

So I have gotten the underwater camera, and I am waiting on the weather and my time schedual to coincide so Brandi and I can go out and search for dolphins. I will be doing more research to know more about how to stimulate the dolphins curiousity and possibly find out when they are most likely to be seen along the Isla Vista Coast. Soon I will actually be able to go out into the field and hopefully make contact with the dolphins.

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05/09/06 11:18:52 - field work

I spent a couple hours at the beach on Saturday with my roommate, unfortunately no dolphins were sighted. I am planning on spending some time there today again, hopefully we will have some luck and see some dolphins.

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05/13/06 12:37:23 - more field work

I spent a while on tuesday at the beach searching for dolphins. It made me wish I had a pair of sunglasses, for it was finally sunny, and actually quite a nice beach day. I thought I saw some dolphins, but they were just kayakers. watched this very informative movie, dolphins in the wild. Watching it gives me a lot of hope that I will be able to collaborate with the dolphins, once I am in the right time and place to be with the dolphins. I am going out again today for the afternoon and evening.

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05/15/06 18:23:21 - fieldwork continues

I spent some time at the beach with my roommate, searching for dolphins. We were about to go home when we saw something out on the horizon. I saw a fin, and I was pretty sure it was a dolphin, however I also say what appeared to be a sea lion in the same area. We went out on the kayak to where we had seen the animal. It felt really good to be out on the water in the kayak, I had never taken a kayak in the ocean before. It was really great seeing a whole new perspective on Isla Vista as well. We stayed in the water for a while, searching for dolphins. It was scary out in the kelp beds, and the water was murky. After a while we decided to head back. On our way back we saw a sea lion, probably the same one. It followed us back, observing us as we were observing it. The fin I saw was probably the same sea lion, but I could have sworn it was a dolphin. It was exciting to get into contact with some of the sea life out there. I spent a couple hours in the evening on sunday at the beach, but nothing was to be seen. The whole experience has excited my ambitions for the project, I thought for sure I was going to be able to contact the dolphins, and that excitement was nearly overwheming. The last time I came into contact with dolphins was probably the happiest moment of my life. I think that even if I don't make contact with the dolphins before the quarter is over I will still try to meet up with them.

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05/22/06 21:13:18 - beach time

I've spent a lot of time at the beach this week. It was especially nice that the sun came out momentarily to make for nice beach days. However, no dolphins have been seen. I'm hoping they will come out soon.

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05/26/06 12:29:26 - kayak M.I.A.

I've been spending a lot of time at the beach lately, and it has been beautiful! I haven't seen any dolphins. Yesterday I was going to take out the kayak, but to my dismay it was missing! No one knows where it is. This is very disappointing because it would have made my project much easier. Now if I do see dolphins I will have to swim out to them, and since dolphins swim very fast it will be much harder to meet up with them. I will still attempt to make contact with them, and I am going to look for a new boat I could use to get out to meet them.

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06/05/06 15:25:59 - So close, yet so far...

I recently contacted Cleveland because he has a catamaran I wanted to use. He live oceanside DP, so he has been scouting out dolphins and promised to call me if he sees any. On Saturday I got a call from him saying they were hanging out right in front of his house. I was on campus so I rushed home to get my equipment then rushed over to his house to get started. He said there wasn't enough wind to take out the catamaran, so I decided to just jump in the water with my life vest. My supposable underwater camera started leaking so I had to swim with it out of the water. I got so close to them! I was no more than 20 feet away, I could hear them breathing. It was so exciting, I thought I was really going to collaborate with them before the quarter. And then, they were gone. I only took one picture because it was hard to try to swim and keep up with them and look through the viewfinder at the same time. The whole experience was so invigorating I was in awe for the rest of the day. When this quarter is over I am definetly going to still try to contact the dolphins because they are such beautiful, amazing, inspiring animals. When I get close to them they give me such a bubbly joy. Maybe eventually I can meet them all and they can get to know me.

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06/11/06 21:29:13 - Photos

I got my photos back from my underwater camera. Unfortunately when the camera leaked it rusted the battery area, so the camera couldn't unwind the film. I had to jimmy-rig a dark bag to wind up the film by hand, and it wasn't light- tight, so my film got exposed to the light. I only took one photograph when I was swimming with the dolphins because I was concentrating on trying to swim as close to them as I could. It appears that I wasn't able to capture them on film.

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