By Evan Hynes and Plant(s)

Started on: 06/08/10 00:59:17
Medium: Visual

Today I was walking along the path from my dorm, and I noticed this bush with purple flowers on it. In the anthropology class my girlfriend is currently taking, We are learning about evolution and how species evolve specific cognitive programs for specialized situations. Did you know that plants create secondary compounds to ward off humans as a defense mechanism? These include thorns, cellulose , underground storage organs, silicon which makes it hard for humans to digest, and toxins. Basically, my professor and class is saying that plants are trying to poison us, because they are rooted in terror. Fruit is an exception because it is a bribe plants use to make humans eat them. It seems as if these plants are like animals in that they do not want to be eaten by humans, they are all in this cycle of evolution. This is why people should be beware of organic foods; because they contain pesticides, they can actually be worse for you, so wash these fruits off! While looking at this bush, I though of all of the protectants it has on it to keep organisms alive, since plants are asexual. I have learned through this cognitive process of learning about evolution and plants, that I need to be careful when dealing with plants, and so do animals when they try to eat this plants or even live with them in a habitat. Should animals be living in this harsh environment? The answer is yes. They have mechanisms to protect them from these plant substances, like livers and food disgust circuit designs which distinguish safe from toxic foods, using inferences of course. Animals also have neophobia which a a caution to new foods. I never realized how much animals systems deal with these food struggles, and now I realize that evolution really does play a part in the digestive diets of plants, animals, and even humans. All of these mechanisms that protect us from dying or being poisoned. I have become enlightened with this newfound connection, and can't wait to explore more connections I have with plants and animals!
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