do cats really kiss? i dont think so.
By Evan Hynes and Cat(s)

Started on: 06/07/10 21:44:10
Medium: Digital

Carolee Schneemannís work we viewed in class, Infinity Kisses, kind of grossed me out. Not only did I feel awkward watching the artist open-mouth kiss a cat, but I feel like the piece was less about making art, as it was about the artist exploring her sexuality and sensuality toward her cat, or perhaps other animals. Part of me feels that it is wrong for me to be so quick to make her work taboo, but at the same time I feel like with subject matter this strange, how could I not think there are elements of bestiality involved in this piece, or perhaps in the artists own sexuality, being expressed through the piece itself. I think the piece was supposed to convey a sense of agreement in loving between the pet and the owner, but in my opinion, I cannot help but think that the cat must feel much differently toward the action of kissing than Schneemann does. Kissing is a part of our society, not necessarily genetics, and most likely not part of cat genetics in regards to the meaning of a kiss.
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