Ghoti Sounds
By Michael Martinez and Fish(s)

Started on: 06/07/10 16:40:38
Medium: Performance

In my final project Ghoti Sounds. I attempt to map the movements of my pet goldfish, Orange Juice and Creamsicle. This is mapping however is not based on a visual depiction but rather an auditory representation. Using a simple photo theremin i was able to create sounds based on the fishes shadows cast. Through their movements i am able to make a collaborative sound a and performance piece with the fish.

To set this up I used my fish in there tank and shine a flash light from behind the tank. This cast shadows on the wall. From the shadow placement and foreknowledge of their movement patterns i placed photo cells on the wall. These photo cells help interpret light and convert it into electrical impulses. The photo cells were placed where i knew the fish would most like hang out in the tank. The photo cells were then connected to the photo theremin and then to an amp, making the sound composition audible to all.
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