Final project: PROXIMITY
By Jennifer Lee Lin, Mark Linggi and Ducks (Mallard)(s)

Started on: 06/07/10 09:51:18
Medium: Visual

We used vinyl in order to create rings and zones that the ducks are comfortable with. We reduced the dimensions to half of what they are in real life. We have included text that describes the actions and measures the male takes to protect himself and his mate.

We used paper to make origami ducks in lieu of the real couple. However, we have taken rocks and plants from the arts building they reside in in order to create a fun and beautiful space for the proxy ducks...enjoy!


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Project Updates
06/07/10 10:29:40 - little write up (mark linggi)


For the past ten weeks, we have been observing the famous UCSB duck couple. For us, the duck couple brought an unexplainable excitement and happiness whenever we ran into them unexpectedly. We enjoyed seeing them because it brought a charm to the campus. Although we realize that there is more than one duck couple roaming the campus, as art majors, we thought it would be more appropriate to focus on the couple that primarily resides within the art department.

The duck couple is a shy duo of ducks. Although they donít mind the occasional students rushing to class, if you get too close, the male will tell you. If you ignore his plea, the duck couple will leave to hide in their favorite bushes to be left in peace.

Our collaboration is to garner the attention of the duckís shyness. In it, we simply tell you to keep your distance from the couple, so they may rest and relax close to one another in a stress free manner. We donít want the couple to become stressed, take out their anger on one another, and break up. We love the duck couple and itís always sad to see it when they are apart (we know they donít like it either).

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