Final notes
By Avid Mozaffarian and

Started on: 06/03/10 11:26:06
Medium: Visual

Over the past 3 months, I have witnessed the physical and mental growth on a once tiny kitten, into a 4-month-old kitten. He has gone from an out of control energetic ball of fur and transformed into a super smart, curious, and still super energetic kitten. At first, he used to hate even coming close to the black sheets of paper I wanted him to scratch on, as if it had a ruff and sharp surface that was harmful to him. Now he is much more drawn and attracted to the art he creates as the consequence of his playful scratches. I feel like he can understand that scratching on the black pages I provide him have a visual outcome and reward rather than just the scratch boards that only fulfill his need to claw something.
I am glad I stuck with my original idea of communication with Korkie and allowed him to learn something new and grow on him. Having such amazing visual outcomes to keep and look back later on, knowing that they were the result of his own willingness and not a forced process and procedure, makes me appreciate it much more.

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