The Dolphins Field Trip
By ho chi leung and Dolphin(s)

Started on: 05/31/10 00:56:55
Medium: Music

I wasn't very excited before the field trip because I did not expect to see dolphins. Therefore, I was shocked when there were thousands of dolphins filled up the ocean. I was so excited because i had never seen that many dolphins before. I stood in the front of the boat, and the dolphins seemed racing with our boat. And I was a bit worried too because I could feel the boat kept hitting dolphins.

Before the trip, our class discussed a lot about playing some sound instruments to attract or interact with the dolphins. And i downloaded an application-- SMULE from iphone, and it allowed me to play ocerina through blowing air into the speaker. Because Jim Nollman talked a lot about music with animals, so I thought the dolphins would react to my ocerina music; however, they did not. I was quite upset, not only because the application cost me 99 cents, but also because my fantasy with dolphins was failed :)

Anyways, it was really amazing to see "that many" dolphins. And i am planning to take my parents to visit the Condor Express when they come to Santa Barbara this June. I think the dolphins will excite my parents a lot too.

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