A Brand New Game with the hamster, Ah Fa
By ho chi leung and Hamster(s)

Started on: 05/31/10 00:23:21
Medium: Performance

I first tried to observe the hamster. It was quite difficult to think of something to do with it because I am scared to touch it and it is so scared to be touched too. Then, I decided to put it into its running ball, so it could run around the room.

Later on, I figured out to play a game with it. When it ran forward, I ran backward; when it ran to right, I ran to the left, and so on. It was difficult for my cameraman to capture both the hamster and I to the video at the same time because of the space we had. Hence, we decided to shaped a rectangular area for the hamster to run, while I stood next to the rectangular area and perform my actions.

At the end, the whole thing became a competition with my boyfriend or my cameraman. And besides playing the opposite direction with the hamster, we also played the reflecting direction too.

My reflection to this new game is that it seems to be easy to play, but when you tried and you will know the game will make you dizzy and further mess up the game.

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Project Updates
06/04/10 00:24:49 - Video Updated


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