Final Idea
By Michelle Safley and

Started on: 05/27/10 12:34:45
Medium: Visual

For the project that is on display at the end of our class, I'm going to go with the idea I mentioned a while ago in class, which was to make a video of all the random things I've found animals doing over the past several weeks. In order to connect each separate video together, I'm hoping to create a narrative that will transition into each next encounter. There will be narration via text that describes the journey I have taken and each specific instance in which I came across an animal doing something noteworthy. I will also try to incorporate pieces from the pig orphange and the most recent dolphin excursion if it appears to work well with what I already have.
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Project Updates
06/03/10 18:03:12 - Completed Video

The video is complete and ready for showing tomorrow. I ended up extending the video so that it's about two minutes. Half is footage of the animals doing strange things, and the other half is filler that moves the video along to a new location. I think it works well together and connects each animal to our neighborhood in an obvious way, in regards to mapping. I incorporated a lot of sound effects to provide atmosphere, and I kind of consider the various animal sounds to be a soundtrack for the video; there's no music, but the sounds are their own in music in a way.

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06/06/10 15:17:45 - After the show...

I think my project was well received, I saw a variety of people watching the video, and I think the highlight for me was when a couple of kids came up and got really excited to see a new animal appear on the screen. Several people commented that what I did with the pawprints in order to map each location was really cute and interesting, so that was definitely a success.

My roommate was really impressed with the dolphin room, and had no idea that dolphins could travel in such huge groups. I thought the Free Willy song worked perfectly with the video and gave it some kind of uplifting/inspiring feel. I also loved the fishbowl and thought it was a brilliant way of showing what it's like to be a fish. I will NEVER tap a fish bowl ever again!!!!

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