Ant Sculpture update
By Kirsten Howard and Ant(s)

Started on: 05/26/10 13:24:14
Medium: Visual

I am now conducting two projects, and have not decided yet which to show for the show, or whether I should display both. One that I am doing is a piece for ants. I have made very tiny, intricate sculptures that I have strategically placed in areas near my house wherever I find ants. Since ants scout out food and then return back to communicate this to other ants, I decided to lift a few onto my finger and then onto the marzipan sculptures. Sure enough, the next day, all the ants had created a trail to and from the marzipan sculptures! It has been difficult to notice a huge difference in the shape of the sculptures, but they do appear to be getting smaller. I am enjoying the collaboration between me and the ants, because I feel that I have made them something, and they are now deconstructing it, and over time it has really become their piece and their sculpture. It feels like both me and the ants are artists working together.
I did some research on ants and have found something interesting that I suppose I already knew in a way, but the mention of it made me think. I read that colonies of ants are sometimes described as super-organisms, since they all work together as one and their job is to support the colony. There is no individualism in their life. It is interesting to see many tiny creatures acting as one unit, and watching them deconstruct the sculptures to make art.

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