Coca Cola Match Finder
By Alli Harrod and

Started on: 05/23/10 22:17:17
Medium: Visual

So Coca Cola has a facial scanner that you can use to try and match your face to another in their database who has a similar facial structure to you. Some are really close, others not so much. I tried putting my face through a few times and did not find very good ones because i wasn't using very clear pictures with face forward poses. I decided to put Julius' picture in there for funsies to see if it worked and it did. Here is his match "Tamir Mohammed." After you find your match, there is an option to facebook search them. I facebook searched Tamir and told him all about it and showed him the print screen copy that I'm showing you all. He thought it was hilarious and so do I.

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Comment by LisaJ (06/07/10 11:41:34):
That is funny, have to try it with Rosebud!