Discussion 6: Julius Mapping
By Alli Harrod and Cat(s)

Started on: 05/23/10 21:57:30
Medium: Visual

I have taken Julius in the car another time with great success! We had a lot of fun, especially because I noticed that he was feeling better. He has been a little under the weather recently and I think that it has been because he got flea dipped and then licked his fur afterward. He is certainly getting advantage next time instead of a fur dip because I do not want this to happen again. But since he has been feeling better, I thought that it was a good time to take him out and about - he seemed to appreciate it very much.

Most of the events when we were driving were somewhat similar to my last entry about them, so I thought I would focus more on giving a description of how I am going to present our collaboration. I would like to present it in a visually pleasing way that both acts as a diagram (so that people can get an idea of where we went) and a representation of who Julius is and how we interact. So far my idea is that I am first going to take a large picture of Julius sitting and photoshop it so that it is just a cut out of him and overlay a map of this area onto the picture. Then I am going to string and tack all of the places that we went that are on the map. I am going to develop the pictures that we have been taking and I am going to match up the pictures to the large map and have arrows coming off of those places on the map with enlarged pictures of him looking out the window and scenery of our trips on the road.

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