Kitten thinks he's a human =)
By Avid Mozaffarian and Cat(s)

Started on: 05/20/10 11:50:22
Medium: Other

Korkie is growing up, pretty fast! well not so much physically as he is mentally. As he is around humans pretty much all day, everyday and his only interaction is with humans, I believe that he thinks he is a human. I sure he understands there is something different between us and himself since we are not the same in our physical appearance. The way he speaks to us with pitches, how he already has his favorite T.V shows, and many other things he does that keeps me in shock. The pattern I have noticed with him with the T.V shows is amazing. He had a couple shows that he loves to watch, he knows the days that they are on and the time that it is aired. My housemates and I did a little test on him. One of the shows he really likes is Glee, so a couple of days ago when it was playing on T.V we decided to keep the T.V off and not watch it, and see if he will notice and do anything about it. A couple of minutes before 9 o'clock he went a picked his spot in front of the T.V and waited, a couple minutes past 9, he started going up to us and meowing and he went back and stood in front of the T.V, I honestly was really shocked!!!
so ya, that was the little story I wanted to share.
About the project, I'm happy that he is finally somewhat interested in scratching the paper for me, so far I have a couple pages of his scratches. I tried scanning the pictures and since the paper is black, you can't really see anything and the pictures taken of them don't really look good either, so I'll probably wait till the show day to present the art work of the little kitten =)
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