By Sarina Martinez and Dog(s)

Started on: 05/13/10 12:33:54
Medium: Other

So realizing that my positive reinforcement has been working with Hallow I attempted to make an audio file of my voice. This recording did not produce the results I was hoping for. She seemed more confused by the audio file than pleased by it. I played the file through my computer, she seemed really disinterested in my laptop and didn't understand my image on the computer and my physical presence in the room with her.

As an adaptation to my original idea I want to have my girlfriend make an audio file. In general Hallow responds to the tone of her voice in a more positive manner than to mine. I can attribute this to her having patience with her and the stress level in her voice staying low.

In addition I will set up a webcam and sit in another room to watch her when she thinks we are not there. This will allow me to watch her and play the appropriate audio files when she seems to getting anxious.
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