Discussion 5 - Julius travels around Goleta
By Alli Harrod and Cat(s)

Started on: 05/12/10 16:13:13
Medium: Visual

So this week I took Julius around some more and it was quite interesting. I had a friend mapping where we were going, and the map was really interesting to look at afterward. Julius is really interested in cars next to him in traffic and trees. We ended up spending some time over on West Campus and then we headed to the general Goleta/Hollister area. We went all around Hollister. When we got to the area, he seemed interested in movement of people on sidewalks and crossing the street. We ended up turning down many streets that people were crossing (after they crossed them, of course.) My friend seemed delighted by the whole interaction and what I told her about our class as a whole. We all had a lot of fun. Julius seemed bored by the end of the trip, however, I think he was tired because he passed out as soon as we returned home and he continued to sleep for the next few hours. I think that next time I am going to take him out and about in the mid-morning so that he is well slept.
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