Chinchilla Freestyle Performance Environment
By Tyler Beckert and Chinchilla(s)

Started on: 04/25/06 12:28:38
Medium: Performance

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There is a group of us doing this project, it is Wylie, Tyler, Alex, and I. We will construct a plexiglass box and suspend it with volcanic ash in the bottom of it. Gizmo (my chinchilla) will then be introduced to the environment of the box, and hopefully will take a dust bath which will be captured in many different angles by waiting video cameras. some of these will be tinted by different color lights so as to capture the dust escaping from the box, and providing a visually stimulating experiance for the viewer. Hopefully, at the end of the quarter, we can install the hanging chinchilla box next to the videos of the dusty "dance" we hope he'll do. Alex will make a website detailing our experiance with the project, and it will be available for the whole class to explore.
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Project Updates
05/09/06 13:24:09 - Further Dust

Full-fledged plans have now been completed for construction of the "freestyle performance environment." In consideration of the chincilla's rights to perform or not perform at will, the plans have been adjusted to include a private "backstage" lounge area in which the chinchilla may retire when he does not wish to perform his dusty dance. construction will begin soon, with updates and images to follow! the current plans can be seen on tyler beckert's web page listed below.

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06/13/06 14:19:54 - Day before the last day

Well, today's the last day in creating the enclosure and all of us are tired. The performance is coming up fast and Gizmo seems to be empathising with the excitement that's growing with the final performance coming up. As mentioned in Wylie's earlier update, the chinchilla stage has been consolidated into one piece as opposed to having a connecting tunnel area that separates the backstage and the front stage areas. Currently, Tyler and I are working on the logistics of posting the images on a website to show parts of the performance to people who would have missed the performance tomorrow. The website is going to be a simple gallery that's styled similarly to a X-Games competition. I find it fitting to style the site this way because of what we're trying to achieve with this project.

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